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Aujourd'hui tout est plus simple, même pas besoin de sortir de chez soit.

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E.g."I screwed around all through my teens and only stopped when I got married." [Orig. E.g."We've been screwing around, watching TV, drinking, playing pool."Vrb phrs. E.g."I screwed the arse off the hire care for 200 miles and got caught speeding 3 times."Verb. E.g."The first night we met we shagged all night." [1800s] 2. E.g."You'll shag it up if you keep hitting it with that hammer." Noun. Hardcore Twitterati may be alienated by the corporate nature of some of his output, and by his reluctance to reply to his followers' comments.But the warm, blokeish, man-of-the-people persona that has served him so well in the past has clearly struck a chord on Twitter, and no one can accuse him of ignoring the wider world.

Zo Zo Chat or Chat Zo Zo is an extraordinary place to be and chat without registration.His first tweets appeared in 2008, reassuring the public about his safety during his unsuccessful record attempt at sailing east across the Atlantic.These days he holds forth more frequently, on a range of issues, from Russian drug policy to office romance, cervical cancer campaigns and advertising for crew for Virgin Atlantic.Then, in January this year, while he was on bail for the second offence, police again seized computer equipment from his home and found a film of young children of the most serious category, which he had made just the day before.Also discovered was an online chat log he had with someone who said they were a 14-year-old boy. This derogatory term has been in prolific use from the early 1990s. A person, usually young, who typically wears casual, brand-name sportswear, such as Nike, Addidas and Reebok etc., baseball caps, and boots, often Rockport. * Scally was also a term for a Liverpudlian youth, used in and around Liverpool itself and was possibly the forerunner of the current expression, however the use of it in this form is now rare.