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Portland Police Association president Officer Daryl Turner said the bureau's patrol force is understaffed and overworked.

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Conspiracy theorist say it could only be a human time traveler from the future or an alien from an advanced technological civilization enjoying a holiday on Earth In the latest study, a strange pair of objects come into and out of existence, according to the mathematical models If you assume that one has a negative mass and one has a positive mass, the one with the negative mass will also move back in time.Jammy Bantam, the first You Tuber to release this bizarre sighting, explains the object has a lens in the center, just like a smartphone, and makes it clear that no camera’s in the 1990s were designed to look like the device in the clip –'it even flashes red ffs', he shared.‘I dunno if it's a time traveller or not, but no one can explain what camera it is; a QV-100 doesn't have a silver bit on the right, and this camera doesn't seem to have a black line under the lens,’ Jammy Bantam shares in the video description.Dissatisfied with the software--particularly the Motion Detection Notifications settings--I returned the camera to Amazon; they received it April 2, 2016.I deleted the App on my i Phone, and had already set the email motion detection notifications to go to my Junk mail because I was getting hammered by them.When Leonard Cohen was twenty-five, he was living in London, sitting in cold rooms writing sad poems.

He was a bohemian with a cushion whose first purchases in London were an Olivetti typewriter and a blue raincoat at Burberry.But some say it does resembles the new cameras during the 1990s I did some research and there were some very sophisticated camcorders for their time period that look somewhat like this,’ said You Tuber All Things Creepy.Logitech and Casio cameras seem to fit the description and look of the device in the footage Some aren’t completely sold and have brought up the idea that although it looks ‘very slim, small portable and has just a center camera’, there were camcorders in the 1990s that looked just like it.The woman wrote she had learned some unsettling information about their supposedly anonymous donor.He was not the healthy man advertised on his sperm-bank profile.Nor was he working on a Ph D in neuroscience engineering en route to becoming a professor of biomedical robotics at a medical school.