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Las cosas se empiezan a complicar para Ho-Jae cuando se enamora de la amiga de Ho-Jung, Soo-Ji, la cual no es nada guapa, pero tiene una gran personalidad e inteligencia.

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Because quartz derived from surface erosion and then buried by sediment accumulation is common, the method is widely applicable for dating Plio-Pleistocene clastic sediments.

All (terrestrial) applications of burial dating so far have used the Be burial dating.

A new AMS facility in Caserta Italy / Terrasi, F / Rogalla, D / De Cesare, N / D'Onofrio, A / Lubritto, C / Marzaioli, F / Passariello, I / Rubino, M / Sabbarese, C / Casa, G / Palmieri, A / Gialanella, L / Imbriani, G / Roca, V / Romano, M / Sundquist, M / Loger, RThe compact 14C AMS facility of Paleo Labo Co., Ltd., Japan / Kobayashi, Koichi / Niu, Etsuko / Itoh, Shigeru / Yamagata, Hideki / Lomtatidze, Zaur / Jorjoliani, Ineza / Nakamura, Kentaro / Fujine, Hisashi26Al and 36Cl AMS system at the University of Tsukuba: A progress report / Sasa, Kimikazu / Nagashima, Yasuo / Takahashi, Tsutomu / Seki, Riki / Tosaki, Yuki / Sueki, Keisuke / Bessho, Kotaro / Matsumura, Hiroshi / Miura, Taichi / He, Ming The SUERC AMS laboratory after 3 years / Freeman, Stewart / Bishop, Paul / Bryant, Charlotte / Cook, Gordon / Dougans, Drew / Ertunc, Tanya / Fallick, Anthony / Ganeshram, Raja / Maden, Colin / Naysmith, Philip / Schnabel, Christoph / Scott, Marian / Summerfield, Michael / Xu, Sheng Progress on a gas-accepting ion source for continuous-flow accelerator mass spectrometry / Roberts, M L / Schneider, R J / von Reden, K F / Wills, J S C / Han, B X / Hayes, J M / Rosenheim, B E / Jenkins, W JPushing the limits of accelerator mass spectrometry / Galindo-Uribarri, A / Beene, J R / Danchev, M / Doup, J / Fuentes, B / Gomez del Campo, J / Hausladen, P A / Juras, R C / Liang, J F / Litherland, A E / Liu, Y / Meigs, M J / Mills, G D / Mueller, P E / Padilla-Rodal, E / Pavan, J / Sinclair, J W / S tracener, D WImprovement of the 36Cl-AMS system at MALT using a Monte Carlo ion-trajectory simulation in a gas-filled magnet / Aze, Takahiro / Matsuzaki, Hiroyuki / Matsumura, Hiroshi / Nagai, Hisao / Fujimura, Masatsugu / Noguchi, Mayumi / Hongo, Yayoi / Yokoyama, Yusuke129I-AMS by a 97Mo16O2 molecular pilot beam method / Nagashima, Yasuo / Seki, Riki / Sasa, Kimikazu / Matsuhiro, Takeshi / Takahashi, Tsutomu / Tosaki, Yuki / Bessho, Kotaro / Matsumura, Hiroshi / Miura, Taichi Development of isobar separation for 182Hf AMS measurements of astrophysical interest / Vockenhuber, C / Bergmaier, A / Faestermann, T / Knie, K / Korschinek, G / Kutschera, W / Rugel, G / Steier, P / Vorderwinkler, K / Wallner, AMeasurement of trace 129I concentrations in Cs I powder and organic liquid scintillator with accelerator mass spectrometry / Dong, K J / He, M / Jiang, S / Wong, H T / Qiu, J Z / Guan, Y J / Li, S H / Wu, S Y / Lin, M / You, Q B / Bao, Y W / Hu, Y M / Zhou, D / Yin, X Y / Yuan, JA method for optimizing experimental conditions and simulating spectra in the measurement of heavy nuclides in AMS / Wang, Huijuan / Guan, Yongjing / Jiang, Shan / He, Ming / Ruan, Xiangdong / Du, Shubin / Yuan, Jian / Wu, Weiming / Luo, Lixiong Modifying a sealed tube zinc reduction method for preparation of AMS graphite targets: Reducing background and attaining high precision / Xu, Xiaomei / Trumbore, Susan E / Zheng, Shuhui / Southon, John R / Mcduffee, Kelsey E / Luttgen, Madelyn / Liu, Julia CRelation between acid dissolution time in the vacuum test tube and time required for graphitization for AMS target preparation / Yokoyama, Yusuke / Miyairi, Yousuke / Matsuzaki, Hiroyuki / Tsunomori, Fumiaki Treatment of small samples of particulate organic carbon (POC) for radiocarbon dating of ice / Drosg, Roswitha / Kutschera, Walter / Scholz, Kathrin / Steier, Peter / Wagenbach, Dietmar / Wild, Eva Maria Determination of 129I in environmental samples by AMS and NAA using an anion exchange resin disk / Suzuki, Takashi / Banba, Shigeru / Kitamura, Toshikatsu / Kabuto, Shoji / Isogai, Keisuke / Amano, Hikaru Radiocarbon ages of soil charcoals from the southern Alps, Ticino, Switzerland / Hajdas, Irka / Schlumpf, Nadia / Minikus-Stary, Nicole / Hagedorn, Frank / Eckmeier, Eileen / Schoch, Werner / Burga, Conradin / Bonani, Georges / Schmidt, Michael W I / Cherubini, Paolo High precision 14C measurements and wiggle-match dating of tree rings at Nagoya University / Nakamura, Toshio / Miyahara, Hiroko / Masuda, Kimiaki / Menjo, Hiroaki / Kuwana, Kohsuke / Kimura, Katsuhiko / Okuno, Mitsuru / Minami, Masayo / Oda, Hirotaka / Rakowski, Andrzej / Ohta, Tomoko / Ikeda, Akiko / Niu, Etsuko Radiocarbon marine reservoir ages in the western Pacific estimated by pre-bomb molluscan shells / Yoneda, Minoru / Uno, Hikaru / Shibata, Yasuyuki / Suzuki, Ryo / Kumamoto, Yuichiro / Yoshida, Kunio / Sasaki, Takenori / Suzuki, Atsushi / Kawahata, Hodaka Deep water ventilation in the northwestern North Pacific during the last deglaciation and the early Holocene (15-5B.

The East Antarctic Ice Sheet responds sluggishly to shifts in climate.

Burial ages from all three nuclide pairs agree at both sites, which shows that currently accepted values for decay constants and production ratios are internally consistent.

The actual age of the fossils is likely to be in the 1.1–1.3 Ma range.Its main subsidence started in the Miocene and resulted in a maximum of 6 km sedimentary infill.Up to five Pleistocene terraces formed by the Danube river and its tributaries and are separated by their geometic cross cutting and topographic relationships. Here we present a multidisciplinary study combining sedimentological, paleontological and paleoanthropological observations together with cosmogenic nuclide concentration and paleomagnetic measurements to provide an absolute chronological framework for the Upper fossiliferous Travertine unit where the Kocabaş hominid and fauna were discovered.The Be burial ages determined on pebbles from conglomeratic levels framing the Upper fossiliferous Travertine unit, which exhibits an inverse polarity, constrains its deposition to before the Cobb Mountain sub-chron, that is between 1.22 and .Although these phenomena are not exactly repetitive in terms of contemporary atomic time scales, they are important because of their use in calendars as well as for observers on the Earth needing to determine the orientation of our planet in an inertial reference frame, namely, navigators, astronomers and geodesists [In the field of physics, the concept of time was dominated by the Newtonian view of an absolute (universal, homogeneous) time inextricably following from the concept of absolute space.