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"Dip Ins" are salmon that are swimming down the coast, (probably heading for the Columbia River) that follow the coastline, then when they come to a river/bay, where fish food (usually anchovies) will drift into the bay with a incoming tide.
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Accommodating individual differences

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However, the new interface did result in a decrease in the within-group variability in Nakonia (Niki) Hayes With an exponential growth in special services being required for public school students who are considered to have learning disabilities and/or handicapping conditions in the United States, it is important to choose appropriately from the different levels of federally mandated services now available in school programs.Second, the notion of is proposed, defined as a system whose behaviour can be altered to match the particular needs of group participants and of each group as a whole.Finally, the paper presents SHARE, a working example of personalizable groupware.This student, for whatever reason, does not receive, require or ask for special services and is seen as a successful learner.The egg yolk represents those children who also have some recognized or perceived circumstances and/or condition that substantially limits their learning.For groupware to be considered successful, it must be usable and acceptable by most, if not all, members of the group.

Grouping There are four major approaches to grouping: between-class ability grouping (often referred to as leveling or tracking), within-class ability grouping, cooperative learning, and individualized instruction.) technologies TAFE’s Culture Makeover Creating Networked Communities of Practice Showcase of Excellence 'I’m telling': The rise and rise of digital storytelling Assessment treasure hunt with new technology A smooth blend Teaming with Innovation Let me Infotain you!'Holding' and 'blending' in the computer age Holding via moblog. The Sounds from the Engine Room - We're at the point now where…accommodation has become second nature to us. First, you can develop events of instruction that take into account individual differences. Retrieved from general, there are three different approaches for dealing with individual differences among students.Like many people, some parents have their own prejudices, and seeing our diverse kind of environment helps.