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Mobility is one of the most important, most overlooked, and most frustrating issue to overcome for someone in a wheelchair to face on a daily basis.When you have wheelchair, like an electric power chair, they tend to be big and bulky.I tried reaching out to my health insurance to approve the equipment I needed to accommodate my mobility issues, but unfortunately for me, mobility equipment for the use outside of the home is not covered what-so-ever through the Medicaid/Medicare health insurance.

Determining whether to provide accommodations involves considering the required job tasks, the functional limitations of the person doing the job, the level of hardship to the employer, and other issues.Accommodations may include specialized equipment, facility modifications, adjustments to work schedules or job duties, as well as a whole range of other creative solutions.The Job Accommodation Network (JAN), a service of the Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP), provides a free consulting service on workplace accommodations.: Here are some things you can do to modify the work site to make it accessible: implement ergonomic workstation design, provide alternative computer and telephone access, and provide sensitivity training to coworkers and supervisors.: Keyboarding/Data entry: Here are some things you can do to modify the work site to make it accessible: Get one handed keyboards, obtain typing tutorials for one-handed or missing digits, acquire speech recognition software, obtain large-key keyboards, obtain a foot mouse and touch pads, trackballs, and/or head pointing systems.Being on a budget afforded through social security disability, it doesn't cover much at only 0 or so a month.