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I stood back for a better view of my calves and thighs. I’d been standing on this beach, nude with the exception of some boat shoes, for only about five minutes before Joey arrived.

And so started my initiation into the fetish scene in is a computer game (although without winning or losing) in which players create avatars inside of a 3D, virtual world.

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Started in 2003, it’s among the oldest alt-reality simulators where players can "live out" just about any scenario and interact with fellow avatars from all over the world.

Users have conversations, form relationships, even get married in-world, all while exploring a gigantic database of locations.

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The player will be rewarded with a sex scene and the text "You get laid, you big pimp! In some cases, Jake has sex with more than one girl - in a few episodes, this happens throughout the plot and is referred to as a Bonus Bang; some episodes, notably Hat Trick and It's Your Birthday, require Jake to have sex with more than one girl in order to win.

In the first few episodes, the setting of the game did not change; however, as the series progressed, games gave Jake the ability to choose which setting to go to.

The character of Jake is a Gary Stu for Julian Max Metter (also the producer, writer, director and artist, and voice of Jake).

Usually the aim is to get him to have sex with one woman; however, a few episodes require more than one to complete.

Each episode takes place in different surroundings, and some are easier to complete than others.