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Gray Seal Reproduction Different populations of gray seals breed at different times of the year.

The Canadian population featured on this live seal cam breeds from mid-December to February.

For a sneak peek at the slopes and all of the fun at Seven Springs, check out our Mountain Cams! Please note that they may be hard to view due to extreme weather conditions.

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Gray seals, also known as Atlantic seals or horsehead seals, are native to the north Atlantic Ocean. Gray seals feed on a wide variety of marine animals such as fish, squid, and crustaceans.

They are sociable animals that form colonies for breeding and feeding. Cod, flatfish, skates, and herring are the primary their primary prey and adult gray seals can consume up to 12 pounds of fish in a single day.'s live walrus cam is based in the Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary (WISGS) in the waters of Bristol Bay, Alaska, and therefore shows live video of Pacific Walruses.

Walruses are characterized by brown or pink hides, large bodies, thick blubber, long whiskers, and of course, their massive ivory tusks.

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A walrus's tusks--which can grow up to 3 feet--are used for a variety of reasons such as digging up the ocean floor in search of clams, hauling themselves onto ice sheets, defense against polar bears and showing aggression towards other walruses.

A walruses whiskers are highly sensitive and are also used for searching for food on the sea floor.