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Radiocarbon dating is a method of estimating the age of organic material.

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So in order for you to move the data from the top to the center of the page.

I would get the bounds of the page and just center the data in the page.

For example, to change the size of an element we could use The name of the animation and properties are case insensitive in generic XML animation declarations.

I've added the "Move" animation ( The main reason I check for the client Id of the postback element is that the Update Panel Animation Extender executes all of the on Updating() portions when an update panel asynchronous postback is fired.Update Panel Animation Extender set the target controls to the respective Labels and Buttons.We also provide the markup page so you can reference the Target controls and properties.To use these animations in the generic XML animation declaration syntax, we include their child animations as nested XML elements.For example, to have an element pulse and then fade out while scaling its size by 500%, we could declare the following: The animation framework also includes a number of animation actions that perform an instantaneous operation.They differ from regular animations which perform an operation in small steps over a period of time.