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Ultimately, women seem to tell men that the best way to make an impression is to do something different when you message.Say something that stands out and makes them laugh, they beg. it doesn't have any cliffhangers, or really good plot to make you wanna keep going no matter what. hehe yay i like her lots too ^^ and yea, i think shes prettier than Chae Rim too... i noticed that i put Ding Long on the title instead of Di Long... the plot is pretty cliche, in the sense that i don't get any intriguing feelings when iwatch it, it's like, if i have time, i'l lsee the next episode, if not, who cares.For his outstanding film work of the past few years, he received the Special Jury Award at the 13th annual China Film Performance Art Academy’s Golden Phoenix Awards in August 2011.He is a well-rounded artist with much success in television, movies and music.

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In late 2008, he was selected as the lead actor of a movie.Somebody took to Reddit to ask women on dating sites to reveal what they think men are doing wrong when it comes to finding love.On the forum, which has amassed over 600 responses, women explain their surprising pet peeves on people's profiles, include shirtless bathroom selfies, out-of-date photographs and pictures taken using the Snapchat dog filter.This, they say, is because the world is big and scary and they don't want to meet somebody without getting to know them a little first.Others took to the forum to say not reading the information on their profile is a turn-off, as is asking to 'hook up' when the person has specifically said that they aren't looking for hook-ups in their 'about me' section. ^^ I think she looks prettier than the main leading lady. (Okay, some what off topic) Regardless, I'm still going to watch it for alec and wang yan.