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My eldest son is 10 years old now, and as we prepare for the middle-school years, I find myself thinking about what’s changed since I was his age.

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Not only does the museum contain fascinating history about our town, but it also affords gorgeous views of the Connecticut River. Brattleboro offers dozens of gorgeous hiking, biking and cross-country skiing areas.

More recently, however, Amor has taken her "internet fame" to new heights, starring in a pornographic film, which she later claimed to have been coerced into (recorded phone calls proved this to be false) as her alter ego, Molly Morrison. She was born as Nicole Friend on December 27, 1989 and is a well known figure on Myspace and other social-networking sites.

Alice Dreger of Northwestern University found the quality of life of twins who remain conjoined to be higher than is commonly supposed.

This directory only includes models with at least a full page (32) videos made available.

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