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Animations on updating

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Animation can help to communicate major state changes in the user interface and help to manage the complexity of the user interface.

Animation can also add to the user's perception of the quality of an application.

The images can't be found, therefore a blank frame is rendered.

Disable the Sequencer to ignore the image sequence in the sequencer and to render the 3D View and the Compositing setup.

Your computer monitor displays a raster image that refreshed many times a second.

It’s refresh rate is typically 60 times per second, but many newer monitors update at 120 times a second.

, which always renders your graphics into an offscreen frame buffer.

how to render it such that I could see the animation as a video.

An application can animate a wide variety of characteristics such as position, color, size, rotation, contrast, and opacity.

In Windows Animation, an describes how the value of that animation variable changes as animation occurs.

More tools are appearing to make Java Script-driven animations more efficient, but the holy grail is a unification of declarative and imperative animations , where the decision of how to write your animations is based on what's the clearest code, not what is possible in one form and not in the other.

Web Animations stand to answer that call, and the first part of it has landed in Chrome 36 in the form of .