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Anime dating sim deviantart

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Characters build up love in different ways and all like different items! ) for your mobile phone for FREE Android:…i…Amazon: the original games:v2.0:…v1.5:…Original:…You guys can post your records and I'll try to update them!Pay attention to correctly date your favorite characters FEATURES:13 Different Characters to Date! It helps if you send me a screenshot for proof too!IMPORTANT: ALL GAMES MUST SOURCE/CREDIT ANY RESOURCES USED IN THE GAME.

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This folder is for any game that contains a gating aspect, usually as a self-insert game or also known as a reader insert. I had to reuse graphics and codes,also I had to use Eren/Armin/Erwin official pics (so YES. Don't worry) because it was like....5 am during Christmas morning and I had to have it ready before 1 pm? TALK TO EREN at least 11 time before the titans attack on day 8. I've had to run tests after tests and check for errors at every step..God.brain feels like melting right now... try to talk to Eren, Armin and Erwin to raise your stats and survive.RECORD: 353 points Characters belong to Five Nights at Freddy's (by Scott Cawthon)Forever Bound In Marriage, Remembered Love, A Rude Awakening, and A Gift Of Love.I couldn't really choose a favourite, but I like how the puppet's ending correlates to the other animatronic's endings. XD)If you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday possible.You may also submit to the "Pending" folder for your deviations to be sorted by an admin ASAP.