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She also appears in the television series, based on Lindsay's books, portrayed by Jennifer Carpenter.

In Lindsay's novels, she first appeared in Darkly Dreaming Dexter, and was featured in every novel in the series. Hurt, Debra told Dexter that she wished that Harry had never brought him home.

Rudy Cooper, who is actually the Ice Truck Killer, who is dating her in order to get close to Dexter.

Debra Morgan (spelled Deborah in the novels) is a fictional character created by Jeff Lindsay for his Dexter book series.

(This was mere episodes after Lila learned Dexter's secret at the end of Season 2.) Miguel wasted no time in joining forces with the Bay Harbor Butcher, despite the fact that he ostensibly had a conscience and knew that killing people — however evil they might be — is wrong.

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It was always what we needed and wanted to do."According to E! It's an awkward thing to talk about your personal life in front of a bunch of strangers, but there's nothing but love and respect. There probably were some tough moments (otherwise why split at all? And it has to bond the entire cast for life to make a show like this and watch it close — hopefully in spectacular fashion.

Morgan (grandfather, deceased)Harry Morgan (father; deceased)Doris Morgan (mother; deceased)Dexter Morgan (foster brother)Harrison Morgan (foster nephew)Astor Bennett (step-niece)Cody Bennett (step-nephew) Private investigator(briefly; 2012)Lieutenant for Miami Metro Police, Homicide division (former; 2011-2012)Detective for Miami Metro Police, Homicide division (former; 2008-2011, 2012)Officer in Homicide (former; 2006-2008)Officer in Vice (former; 2004-2006)Officer in Patrol (former; 2001-2004) Debra went through a childhood trauma as stated in Season Six and she developed post-traumatic stress disorder from her ordeal from Dexter's brother Brian Moser.

Jennifer Carpenter played his adoptive sister, Debra Morgan. In 2007, Hall began dating his Dexter co-star Jennifer Carpenter. The couple play brother and sister Dexter and Deb Morgan on the hit Showtime ... as she shares VERY raunchy tale about their sex life. career-defining role, ironic that it should coincide with his life-threatening illness. Carpenter, 32, plays his sister, Deb, a cop who for a long while was unaware of her brother's bloody proclivity.

They married on New Years Eve in 2008 after two years of dating. now if they were REAL brother and sister then that would be a problem! Debra Morgan is a fictional character created by Jeff Lindsay for his Dexter book series. She starts dating, and eventually falls in love with, Rudy Cooper ( Christian Camargo); unbeknownst to her, he is actually the Ice Truck Killer, and is only ... After months of dating, Carpenter and Hall were married in December of ...

She later became foster sister to Dexter Morgan (Michael C. A tough, foul-mouthed tomboy, she craved her father's attention and envied Dexter for the amount of time Harry spent with him, unaware that Harry was training him to be a vigilante serial killer. From then on, she decided to become a detective, like her father. She was immediately remorseful for saying it, however, and apologized.

She was distraught at her father's death and, inspired by his career, joined the Miami-Metro Police Department.