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The 27-year-old is an actor, singer, songwriter, rapper, and model, who rose to fame with her roles in MTV’s Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness.

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He said that Stern's loyal producer Gary Dell'Abate, 55, must feel 'emasculated' after Turk 'took over his office' and 'may or may not be getting more money' than the man famously nicknamed 'Baba Booey.''I know that some people might not like my show anymore and if you don’t like it, I welcome you to leave,' he said.

A number of significant scientific events occurred in 2013, including the discovery of numerous Earthlike exoplanets, the development of viable lab-grown ears, teeth, livers and blood vessels, and the atmospheric entry of the most destructive meteor since 1908.

In 2001, Lange returned to New Jersey and became a member of The Howard Stern Show until December 2009.

He pursued various projects during this time; he released two comedy albums, co-wrote, produced, and starred in his feature film, Artie Lange's Beer League (2006), and released his first book, Too Fat to Fish (2008), which entered The New York Times Best Seller list at number one.

Lange said that while he still admires the King of All Media, he's bowled over by the radio legend's fawning over A-list guests, when the Private Parts star's empire was built on the foundation of a counter culture attack on the mainstream, with a no-holds-barred approach to humor that resulted in record FCC fines.'You people might think that I'm insulting Howard right now - you're wrong, that's where you don't get it, I'm giving him the biggest compliment on the planet,' Lange said. Lange said that the 180 degree turn for Stern - who was hailed in July as a champion 'feminist' in an expansive New York Times profile - leaves a bit of egg on the face of his longtime fans, many of whom have taken to online forums such as Radio Gunk, Dawgshed and Reddit to point out the glaring inconsistencies.‘All those years, when we were laughing at the rebel, when we were laughing at Hunter S. Thompson of radio, all those years, we look like the boobs! 'He wanted to be at the table, he didn’t want to set the table on fire.

'He's the only guy that could've said, “F--- you, I think Ellen's dancing is stupid.'When James Corden opens his fat f---ing mouth to do karaoke in a car - something that wouldn't be f---ing funny to the secretaries at an accounting firm - and gets an Emmy for it, I’m allowed to say he sucks. The Dirty Work star admitted he would not likely fit in well with the current state of the program: 'Do you think I want to be in there and listen to Gwyneth Paltrow talk about her 0 green drink that she sells in Southampton? 'Could the Artie Lange you guys know have sat there and said, "I'd like to try that?

The year also saw successful new treatments for diseases such as HIV, Usher syndrome and leukodystrophy, and a major expansion in the use and capabilities of technologies such as 3D printing and autonomous cars.

The United Nations designated 2013 the International Year of Water Cooperation.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Lange first worked as a longshoreman and taxi driver to help support his family following the death of his quadriplegic father.Get instant access to commercial-free, award-winning SHOWTIME original series, can't-miss movies, groundbreaking documentaries, laugh-out-loud comedy specials, hard-hitting sports and much more.Watch live TV or catch up on-demand on your TV, tablet, phone or computer.Artie Lange was busted with heroin and cocaine in the parking garage of his complex in Hoboken, NJ ... Cops say he was taken to police headquarters and booked on three separate charges before he was released. " Lange has a long history of drug and alcohol abuse and was hospitalized in 2010 after an apparent suicide attempt. the comedian and 'Howard Stern Show' star had several bags of drugs on him and more in his car and was arrested on Sunday.His arrest for cocaine possession during the second season led to his departure and subsequent rehabilitation.