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Backgroundworker progresschanged not updating

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as returndata, passing parameters to the Background Worker, keeping track of progress and cancel the background process while it's running.Finally I'll show a way of collecting the results from the Background Worker on the fly instead of waiting for all the calculations to be done.

The progress of this background operation is reported after each line is read.For the background tasks that infrequently update the UI, the common approach is to split them into separate Tasks with “checkpoints” in-between.At these “checkpoints,” a task continuation is used to update the UI.The Background Worker is event-driven, so what you need to do to get the basics working is this: -Invoke the Background Worker's Do Work class from your application.-Give Do Work some work to do by adding the code in the Background Worker1. -After the code in the Do Work method is done, the event Run Worker Completed is invoked.There is (almost) no reason to use the old Thread class anymore.