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I’m going to need Mo’Nique, Shay, and the chick who’s hair looked like fire and the rest of the african americans who were on Flavor of Love and Charm School to check this chick. Know the Negro…know that negroes aren’t going to be feeling this. This is what happens when you let white folks get a little to familar with you. However, I’m sure you’ll get many letters and calls from people who do have the words. Just because you are in a picture with a “negro” doesn’t mean shit to me. For the brothers who called in to the show to be the negros…damn…you know better than that man. Becky aka Buckwild…do not pass GO, don’t collect 0, no more black dick for you…your hood pass is revoked. ” Cowhead Show on 102.5, take the hoods off and listen a min.A lots changed since Ashley's big MTV debut back in 2013.

and i can’t forget the one about bungalow 1 being the place where gore vidal’s mother had an affair with clark gable.An ex "Buckwild" star is behind bars for the holiday -- finally serving her sentence for a DWI arrest from nearly 2 years ago.Law enforcement sources tell us Ashley Whitt turned herself in to the Pitt County Detention Center on Friday to begin her 30 day stretch in the lockup.You know only a black radio show could have possibly gotten away with this…you can’t.Sure sure, it’s not fair and equal, but neither is racism.Cops busted her in Greenville, NC back in May 2014.