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When you participate in our proactive feedback process, our team hears your constructive feedback on what you like on your dates and what maybe didn't click.

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Plus, despite all the gender challenging that some gay men do – and I don’t mean to minimize the relevance of that work – there’s still a ton of femme-phobia within gay male culture, and a huge overvaluing of hyper-masculine butch gender presentation. On the flip side, the dyke world has historically always included room for “passing women” and other such identities – perhaps conflicted room, or room that varies depending on the cultural climate of a given decade (read Leslie Feinberg’s ), but room nonetheless.

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I knew the Internet held great promise as an effective place to seek a partner.Everyone else from pet owners to sports fans all had their own corner of the web to meet each other.But there was still no special dating site catering to the unique needs of transmen.Almost 100% of members have a bachelor’s, master’s, and/or doctorate degree, and if that’s a dating preference for you, you’re in good hands here.Our Time is the largest subscription dating site for singles over 50, not to mention it’s also the #1 dating app among that demographic.Thanks to social network integration, this app makes it easy to meet people when you’re sitting at home, commuting to work, on the treadmill, or anywhere else.