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In the 1890s Montesquiou lived in Versailles with his Argentinian secretary/boyfriend, Gabriel Yturri.Montesquiou’s house had a gate to the park of the Petit Trianon, and the Conservateur, Pierre de Nolhac, let him have a private key.(The authors’ real names were not made public until the fourth edition in 1931, by which time Miss Moberly was long retired and Miss Jourdain, who had succeeded Miss Moberly as Principal at St Hugh’s, had been already dead for some years.)The film purports to be a dramatization, firstly of their visit to the Petit Trianon, Versailles, on 10th August 1901, which led them to believe that they had experienced a retrocognitive vision of the gardens of the Trianon as they had been just before the French Revolution and of some of the people who would have been found in the gardens back in 1789, and secondly of developments consequent on their “adventure” (e.g.its effect on their professional and personal lives at Oxford, and their somewhat acrimonious dealings with the research officers of the Society for Psychical Research).To each area of his work he brings a dedication and integrity matched with an innate and profound understanding of character., by Edward Callan, he brings together a unique blend: a clear understanding of the nuances of Yeats' language with a distinctive interpretation of well known and much loved verse.(There are some—like the play’s editor Marc Babezat—who believe Genet destroyed the script through his incessant revisions.) In his introduction to the first version of This play has as its object the mythology of the whorehouse.

Genet wrote the first version of and between 19 he published five different versions.The festival opened on 23 August 1989 with a public lecture by Eric Bentley and ended with a six-hour non-stop poetry reading, both in the Peackock Theatre.This RTÉ News report gives a flavour of the reading.The Irish poet William Butler Yeats died on 28 January 1939 in the south of France.1989 saw various commemorations of the 50th anniversary of Yeats's death.amongst many others), Sidney Meyers (radical film-maker and documentarian), and Joseph Strick (successful businessman and ambitious film-maker).