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從2015年〈挑剔的人〉,到2016年〈感覺有點奢侈的事〉,再到今年這篇〈證人,與他們小小的穩定〉,B/C這對RPS對我來說,已經算是一期一會的狀態了(笑)。 寫完之後對照前作,發現縱使文筆沒什麼長進,但隨著年齡增加,筆下的他們也確實出現明顯的關係變化──至少本篇的最後一句,去年的我和前年的我是絕對不會藉Colin之口寫出來的(小聲)。 不過來到2017年,我認為那句話應該合情合理(自己講)。 至於內文,當然充滿著我的遐想和綺思,以及滿滿的祝福。 僅以此篇文獻給同樣腦洞大開的你我。 且走且珍惜。 Ps1文章純屬虛構,如有雷同,皆為萌點。 Ps2之後還有Bradley視角的B SIDE唷! Arthur died more than a thousand years ago and now he's been reincarnated with the name of Bradley James of whom lives with Merlin (Colin Morgan) in a small two bedroom apartment.Bradley starts dreaming of his past in bits and pieces while his past friends start surfacing in his life again.To fall in love is the best thing in the world and even best is to be in love with the partner who totally understands and support you in each and every part of life.And what is more passionating is that if the loved one Is also from the same profession, then it makes the love, support, and bond more strong.Bradley seems to have more of a sense of humor about it. Eventually it'll be time for Merlin Series 4, and we can have another thread where the Anti-Shirtless Troll will bemoan him baring his chest (mind you, after an uneven Series 3, barechested man candy might be one of the show's few saving graces. Hopefully they will stay away from the shirtless scenes for the remaining seasons and try to improve the show.And now they've got characters like Gwaine and Percival to help things along). It's one thing on a soap opera, but why have they been randomly thrown in? Otherwise it will go the way of "Weeds" - a show that has nothing else to offer except Hunter Parrish's body because of its lack of any plot or characters. He's dating Georgia May King, the actress who played Elena on Merlin last season. So nice to know the anti-shirtless anti-Bradley troll is still hanging around.

On the way back from their roadtrip around Wales, the boys encounter a rain apocalypse.List of possible spoilers and plot points (and cam footage of the trailer shown at Comic Con) at the link.I thought the producers said they didn't have a big enough budget to stretch it to 13 episodes and could only do 10. In any event, hopefully this will be its last season. R13, I think from the beginning the producers envisioned it as a 5-series show, and apparently that's how they're planning the story arcs.On an interview he gave to on 2012, he revealed his experience on working in Merlin, Colin said; " I thought about what it must be like not to be able to show who you are and what your greatest gift is in a world that persecutes magic. For me it’s about wanting to be an actor, growing up in Northern Ireland; and not being able to express that desire, because the opportunities just aren’t there.” Both Colin and Katie are super talented and are busy in their profession, both the actors have a new project lined up for them, in fact, Colin is already roped into a new project by BBC show which is "The Living and the Dead".In an interview with uk on 2015 Colin said; "We’ve heard from those working in post-production that it is nothing that people will have seen on TV before.Colin makes a playlist to die to, Kit Kats get squashed, Bradley changes his name to Margaret, and they find out exactly how much room there isn’t in the back of a rented Ford Focus.