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In case you don't have personnel on a remote site and you experience this situation with rack mounted server, or if blade sever does not reacts to the attempt reboot the DRAC from the enclosure "frozen" DRAC is a real SNAFU.

It's so sad that in the rat race for additional functionality Dell engineers forgot the primary purpose of the DRAC -- to be reliable KVM.

You can install it for your server, and you can use it too for your primary computer desktop with many Desktop Environment such as Gnome, XFCE, KDE and Mate etc.

in this article will be taught step by step to install Free BSD on a desktop computer, I use Free BSD 64 bits with the following specifications : and also continued with a guide to install a desktop environment "Mate" on Free BSD, so you can use it for your daily activity. Download Free BSD from https:// make a bootable from it. After choose the "Manual" option, you must configure a partition scheme/partition table for the disk we have prepared - 26GB disk.

While here Dell beats HP (which can't do even that) that create a very difficult situation when you use it for remote access to the server on the other continent without access to the server by qualified on site personnel and both the server and DRAC hang. Unfortunately this affects DRAC 7 on R620 and probably on all rack servers.

Download the official source code using the links below.

We recommend running the Clam AV Stable Version on production systems. Find Win32, Mac OS X, Linux & BSD signatures in the Alternate Versions section.

Blades are not affected as DRAC in blades can be rebooted from the enclosure controller.

This is essentially the same blunder as as HP SNAFU with i LO 3 -- often So you have the situation, when the last time you use DRAC it was OK, then the next time, in a month or two you can't connect.