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Even when travelling the whole soul-grinding length of the Northern Line, etiquette demands not even the slightest acknowledgement of anyone else in the carriage. Unless there's an actual bona fide air raid going on outside, in which case singing is permitted.Now as if the replacement of proper boozers with coffee shops, Apple’s takeover of Battersea Power Station, and "Shoreditch" wasn’t enough, someone has started distributing badges with the slogan “Tube Chat?Wear this badge to let others know you're interested. I think I could have been handing out five pound notes and I would have got the same reaction. Even then when you're going into work you don't really stop and talk.GLAMOUR: How many badges did you have made, and how much did they cost you? It's something you can completely choose to do or not to do."So there you have it.Jonathan Dunne, aged 42 and originally from Colorado, had 500 badges made up in the style of Tf L's famous Baby on Board badge with an accompanying leaflet, after attempting to plan an event celebrating the Rio Olympics at work made him realise how isolated the city could be.He started handing out the badges at Old Street station on Wednesday morning, and publicised the badges through Twitter and Facebook accounts. JD: "I work in the NHS on the social committee in my organization and we tried to run an event to coincide with the Olympics and nobody really participated.It is a welcome moment of solitude among the masses of squashed bodies on the Central Line, where I can collect my thoughts, get myself prepared for the day and, most importantly, wake up before I am subjected to a day in an office, surrounded by people who I may or may not enjoy speaking to. " badges encouraging people to talk to each other on the underground is distinctly unwelcome.

Londoners instantly ignored the badges’ exhortations to share their inner most feelings with each other, before running up the nearest escalator so they could tweet their disgust to the world.

I was really disappointed; I'd worn shorts to work and everything.

I'd arranged for ice cream to be brought out at the end of the event, but everyone left right at 5pm.

I spend around 35 minutes on the London Underground, or the Tube, to and from my job as an administrator at the National Health Service (NHS). One thing about London I've noticed is it's really difficult to get people interested in stuff.

I think this attitude is a London thing; it's the culture not to get involved.