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This update is incompatible with agents older than 3.2.2. Ubuntu Security Notice 3309-1 - Jakub Jirasek discovered that Gnu TLS incorrectly handled certain assignments files.
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Cllocationmanager stopupdatinglocation not working

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Edit I know [self.location Manager stop Updating Location]; stops it. Please read the references like:‌​e/… Why would I set it nil if I'm gonna have to re-set it again in the future?

What I'm really asking is, how do I know I've received location for the first time then stop it immediately? The setting to nil has really nothing to do with retain release cycle, it is simply to avoid location Manager sending delegate call to your controller.

Call this method whenever your code no longer needs to receive location-related events.

Disabling event delivery gives the receiver the option of disabling the appropriate hardware (and thereby saving power) when no clients need location data.

In addition, some location services require the presence of specific hardware on the given device.

For example, heading information is available only on devices that contain a hardware compass.

To stop standard location updates, call the Important By default, standard location updates on i OS devices run with an accuracy level of best.

Change these settings to match your app’s requirements.

If it is not clear to the user that your app is using location services for a useful purpose, the user may deny your request to use those services.

Until i OS 8, this is how a simple location retrieving process would look like.

This code fails in i OS 8, furthermore this code fails without any sort of warnings, exceptions or errors, the app won’t ask for permission to get location updates, the process won’t start at all and we, the app developers won’t be told why.

Follow best practices to optimize use of location services for energy efficiency. Doing so automatically stops location services once the request has been fulfilled, letting location hardware power down if not being used elsewhere.

Location updates requested in this manner are delivered by a callback to the With the exception of navigation apps that offer turn-by-turn directions, most apps don’t need location services to be on all the time.