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I need a quick, direct upload to the file’s directory. Choosing “Upload” will simply upload the file to the root directory open in the remote pane.

More details about this in the Coda manual on page 108: any given file without making changes to it.

coda preview not updating-13

Currently it seems possible only to upload files to the root directory of the server. Once you have a site set up, you can right click any file and choose “Publish” and it’ll upload to the correct place on your server, provided you have a 1:1 mirror of your server’s files locally and remotely.

This post rounds up these issues and provides solutions or answers for each of them.

For experienced Coda users, most of this article may seem silly, but for those new to Coda, I think these lessons learned will help fill in a few blanks.

When coding my website, I save HTML and CSS docs then refresh my browser to see the changes.

However when I refresh the HTML changes are seen but the CSS changes aren't.