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While viewers were treated to a quick scene in which Zoe figured out she wasn't sick, just pregnant's executive producer Leila Gerstein on the line to find out exactly what this bundle of joy means for Zoe and Wade's romantic future."She's going to freak out as I think many people would! "This is an unplanned, unexpected pregnancy, she's a doctor, she's not even with the father, so episode 2 is all about her dealing with the fact that she's pregnant, figuring out what she's going to do now that she's pregnant, what she's going to do about Wade, how she's going to tell him, and how he's going to take that news."Of course, Zoe being Zoe, she's not exactly going to tell Wade the news in a normal way, but we can reveal that Wade will find out what's going on with Zoe by the end of episode 2."Episode 3 will see both of them overreacting to this news in crazily inappropriate ways," Gerstein says.

Conflict of interest dating in the workplace

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Although it is not possible to identify all possible situations, reasonable business judgment should be sufficient to evaluate most situations.Managing a potential conflict of interest starts with the employee notifying an immediate supervisor that the potential for conflict exists.Despite best intentions, these conflicts of interest will likely negatively affect both the employee and the employer.

A personal conflict of interest is a situation where a person's private interests — such as outside professional relationships or personal financial assets — interfere or may be perceived to interfere with his/her performance of official duties.

Conflict of Interest Standards Youre expected to do your job for the benefit of PG&E, its customers, and its shareholders.

You must not use company property, company information or your position for personal gain.

One of the key steps in avoiding or resolving a conflict of interest is to ensure that we place the UN's interests above our own.

The UN is sensitive to the ways in which a staff member's private financial affairs could create potential conflicts of interest.