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“The club’s Literacy Committee members judged the local competition and chose the top three nominees.” The third participant was 7-year-old Sophie Dickson who authored the short story “Caribbean Kindness” on this year’s theme: “Giving something special to someone special through acts of kindness, friendship, leadership and/or respect.” Diamond, Nathaniel and Sophie, along with their families and teachers, were special guests at the Rotary Sunrise weekly meeting held on 20 January, where they three read out their stories and received gift certificates of each.
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Cons of dating younger men

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Actor Mel Gibson and partner Rosalind Ross pose at the American Film Institute Awards in Los Angeles, California, on Jan. Gibson, who is 61, is 35 years older than his partner Rosalind Ross, who is 26.(REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni) Many men and women are seemingly rejecting those cougar and sugar-daddy stereotypes, as some experts are seeing that a substantial portion of middle-age and older singles are willing to choose partners who are younger than themselves.You'll probably meet him on St-Laurent after 3am on like a Tuesday or something. He still probably smokes a lot of weed and uses words like "yo", "dope" and "bae". They passionately start different projects every week and firmly believe they will be millionaires by the time they reach 30.Like, this guy I knew wanted to start a Montreal dating app, then he switched to a Montreal shopping app, then a restaurant app... That awkward moment when your friends who date lawyers and doctors ask you, "So what does your boyfriend do for a living again? They can go at it for hours, if you know what I mean.Some like them blond some like them tall, dark and handsome and some like a combination of all, some or none of the above.However, it seems like the latest dating trend has little to do with physical attributes and more to do with age.

Stability Seems like the most logical reason to date an older man, right?

Also, many of the commonly held beliefs about dating a younger man or woman — for instance, that a junior partner may lack maturity — aren’t true, relationship expert and columnist April Masini told Fox News.

“There are plenty of younger people who are a lot more mature than older men and women, and who are such go-getters that they're more successful than people twice their age,” Masini said.

Women are dating guys 15-25 years older than them more than ever these days. I have dated older men in my past, and I’d have to say it is quite a different experience than dating in your own age group.

I mean look at Jay-z and Beyonce for crying out loud or even Kylie and Tyga (okay maybe I took it too far! As if relationships don’t already come with their own set of ups and downs, if you’ve ever dated someone 10 years or more older than you, you probably experienced some of the best and worst times of your life with that person.