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A clarity which may even explain the bizarre statements of the chief investigator, DA John Champion.
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They wrapped their arms around each other to pose for photos and danced all night long.Bill, who grew up going to Catholic Mass every Sunday, told Shelley’s mother he would convert to Judaism if that’s what it took to be with her. They’d both shown up at a Montgomery County social club looking for friends, fun and the kind of acceptance that seems so elusive during teen life. “You’re looking at this awesome-looking guy, and you really don’t want to blow it. Shelley was three years older, chatty and outgoing. It was kind of like that,” remembers Shelley, a petite brunette who was also born with a mental disability.To enjoy, you'll need to enable Java Script in your web browser.Please configure your security software or browser plugins to allow to load Java Script.

”Carlie also has Down syndrome, and Shaedon has grown up with her as much as he has grown up with his best friend, Carlie’s older brother, Carson.This is also believed to be a factor when a chromosome test is wrong - that the (ab)normal cells were evenly divided between the baby and the placenta.People with MDS usually have less severe mental disability than people with "straight" DS, and are less likely to have other issues like heart and bowel defects. Since Trisomy 21 is so nearly universally accompanied by some degree of mental retardation, and since mental impairment is the commonest component of the various features which combine to form the syndrome, I'd be inclined to think of an individual with normal mentation and trisomy 21 as a "Trisomy 21 variant" (and probably mosaic, at that) and not a "Down Syndrome." If you are missing a key component, it's harder to say you have the syndrome in question.Speak with any parent who has an older son or daughter with Down syndrome and they will tell you their child experiences the same feelings, desires and needs as other people do in the area of sexuality.Just as there are ranges in sex drive in the general community, there are among individuals with Down syndrome as well.Have you ever known anyone with Down syndrome who is of normal (or near-normal) intelligence?