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To put it in perspective, imagine what it would cost to get a mechanic to work on your car or your dentist to work on your teeth for 3 weeks straight! I can only finish a limited number of blades per year, so get while the getting is good.

I offer the lowest prices in the country for this level of work.

This is probably, because it is so much easier to remove the tsuka from the blade and the complete blade and tang can be cleaned and oiled preserving the condition of the tang, while it is hard to remove the grip from Chinese blades, so the tang tends to exhibit greater deterioration with Chinese swords than their Japanese counter-parts. I am curious to see what forum members think the age of these swords are?

dao_tangs1 - Are close-ups of the two on the right of the first photo containing four tangs. I am also curious to know how Japanese appraisers determine the age of Japanese swords? Tim During a kantei, the nakago (tang) usually cannot be seen, and it is not very safe to date a sword based upon the tang.

Hi Forum, A friend of mine suggested I ask an opinion on how Japanese appraisers determine the age of Japanese swords based upon the age of the tang He explained to me how an estimate of the age of Chinese swords is made based upon the patina of the tang.

See this RECENT WORK: This is the full complete traditional Japanese art polishing all done by hand exclusively by David Hofhine.Deciphering Japanese sword signatures (mei) is an extremely difficult business requiring much study and hard work.If you dislike complexity, if you have a short attention-span or if you like your 'browser' because you like browsing with it, turn back now before it is too late, or you may be doomed to a life of inexorable madness and confusion.A rusty sword with its original geometry, lines and metal intact is more valuable than a sword that has been crudely ground out of shape by an amateur polish.I often spend up to 3 weeks or even longer working on a single full polish for a large blade.I’m happy that you found this article because I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you factual insights and personal thoughts into the most iconic symbol of Japan’s culture, the Samurai sword. (yes, this is possible) Which swords typically gain the most value over time? (not true, only about 100 national treasures cannot leave the country) What key points should I look for when I invest into a Japanese sword? What is the difference between a katana, wakizashi and tanto? (well, Lots of interesting, thoughtful questions, of which and I once had (and still have! I first travelled to Tokyo from Montreal, Canada in November 1993, and up until 2011 made it my (our) home.