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For a start, all of his friends weren’t what you’d expect - not many soldiers and not much in the way of family”.

Dating a non catholic

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I’ve seen this question come up in the Catholic Match forums and many people, speaking from past experiences, agree that they would not do it.But what if someone you’re interested in is a recent, or soon-to-be Catholic convert?When seeking permission to marry a non-Catholic, you and your fiancé will be told that you are required by the Church to make sure that any offspring from the marriage are to be baptized and brought up in the Catholic Church. Or will your children be dedicated, rather than baptized?

We spoke about the reason for dating and concluded that its purpose is ultimately marriage. We ended the previous post by looking at what the Catechism has to say on the subject of marriages to non-Catholics.

We read that the Catholic Church does allow marriages to non-Catholics, but cautions Her children not to underestimate the difficulties involved in this kind of union.

In today’s concluding post, I would like to discuss in more detail the potential areas of difficulty alluded to by the Catechism and then offer some concluding thoughts. Religious Practice Where, as a couple, will you go to church? In an effort to accommodate this, will you go to a Catholic parish together?

What if a recent convert has a family that is opposed to the Catholic faith? He presents us with a framework for dealing with such issues, as his life gives us a model for handling these types of situations.

It is believed that Cedd was born into an Anglican family, and as the presumed oldest of four, took on a leadership role early on with his siblings.