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Raleigh were to manufacture it, but dealings went sour and Moulton bicycles were manufactured elsewhere.

In order to cash-in on the new craze for small-wheel bicycles, Raleigh first introduced the RSW-16 (Raleigh Small Wheel), which was essentially a simplified Moulton, notably with a lack of suspension. The evolution of the "Twenty" design owes much to it's pre-cursor, the RSW-16 - many components are extremely similar - the handlebars possibly being identical.

I have one example of an AW hub where only the 7 in the year code is visible.

Usually, a hub is built into a bicycle wheel within a couple of months of manufacture, and the practice has been to date bicycles with 11 or 12 month codes as being of the following year.

In the late 30’s Dan O’Donovan joined Carlton Cycles and by 1939 the O’Donovan family took over control of the company.

During the 1950’s Dan’s son Gerald (who later ran TI Raleigh SBDU Ilkeston) took over at Carlton and remained at the helm until Carlton was bought by TI Raleigh in 1960.

The other place Trek (or their subcontractors) stamped the SN is at the lower end of the seat tube.The amount of different details they used means that this post may turn into an epic.I did consider splitting it into 2 smaller posts, pre and post 1980, but as this is ultimately a timeline post, I wanted it to be unbroken, and to start and complete in one go.During the early 70’s the Carlton factory was producing the finest Raleigh bicycles, including the International and the Professional.With dwindling demand in the late 70’s and early 80’s Raleigh closed the Carlton factory in 1981 and moved production to Nottingham.Carlton Cycles was founded by Fred Hanstock in 1898 in Carlton-in-Lindrick, just north of Worksop in north Nottinghamshire.