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Dating ampeg svt cl

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The best way to date an Ampeg amp is based on its specific features and characteristics.

This information original was found on The Unofficial Ampeg Page ( which appears to be dead.

As long as the bass guitar has been a part of the music scene, bassists have been demanding a lot out of their amplifiers.

That's because they have to - the low-end tones of the bass need serious amplification to punch through the rest of the band and achieve the perfect impact on the audience. Dating back nearly half a century, Ampeg is one of the original builders of bass amps, pumping out amazing sound that's had the competition playing catch-up throughout the decades.

The standard power level for bass amplifiers at the time was 50 watts, but Ampeg's team wouldn't settle for anything less than a monster.

That monster was the 300W SVT, shorthand for Super Vacuum Tube.

WARNING: Ampeg amplifiers, especially the high-powered amps such as the SVT and V-series, contain lethal voltages even when unplugged and turned off.

The Ampeg SVT-810E is still manufactured using the same design dating all the way back to 1969.

The SVT-810E is still manufactured using the same design dating all the way back to 1969.

The Infinite Baffle design of these sealed enclosures produces vast amounts of tightly focused bass.

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Ampegs can be divided into six distinct groups for dating purposes: pre-1953, 1953 to mid-1965, early 1965 to 1969, 1969 to 1979, 1981 to 1984, and post-1984.