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However, the Montanists who arose in the latter part of the second century protesting against the growth of officialism and professing to be the conservative, old-fashioned party in the church, encouraged women preachers, or prophetesses, and had quite a number of such workers in their ranks.

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In our study of this subject I regard the teaching of the Bible as the only binding authority.

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It took him by surprise, and he wondered how he should handle the situation in discussing the issue both graciously and biblically.

His conviction is that the Bible affirms only men are called to the pastoral and thus preaching ministry.

The critical point in all this change was the development of the belief that the Lord’s Supper was an act of sacrifice, wherein the ordained priests of the church changed the bread and wine into the literal body and blood of Christ.

It is necessary to insist upon this point, because it marks an acute division between the New Testament church and the church of the bishops which rapidly began to rise after the death of the apostles.