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So when it comes to big-ticket decisions like this, you had better make sure you have all the safeguards in place so you don’t do something stupid — like marrying the girl who’s going to make you miserable. Up to very recent times in human history, that’s not why people got married. Generally, you should not make big-ticket decisions in a state of acute intoxication.So here are some guidelines: 1) Do not propose if you’re deeply in love. Then it’s also not a good idea to propose if you’re in love with someone. And, judging from the 50% divorce rates in this country, it’s not a very good reason to do so. Because the most reliable aspect of falling in love is that . And being in love is very much a state of acute intoxication. The biggest decision you’ve ever made in your life.

Don't you think the fact you are always crying is driving friends and family bonkers? How long you cry is directly related to the cause of your tears. [Read more...] Coping with your partner’s gambling problem can be challenging especially if you don’t gamble yourself.

Moreover, I’ve never proposed to anyone, so far be it from me to instruct in that domain.

That said, my job here is to help you make better decisions. That’s some weird bill of sale that the romance books have sold you.

A study published by the NCBI revealed that a habitual gamer …

[Read more...] Relationships aren’t always rainbows and butterflies.