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In some instances, though influenza can lead to pneumonia, other complications, and even death.
After all, you can’t just ask someone if they’ve mastered the art of lying or ever hurt small animals. Then you can cut things short and go chill with your cats — the only furry little sociopaths we’re okay with letting into our hearts.

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Bodybuilding in Burma has a long history, dating back to the 1936 Summer Olympics.

Burmese bodybuilders were competing internationally for the country in 2014.

“Now that I am much bigger, people treat me with more respect.

They call me the ‘Asian Sensation’, ‘Asian Pride’ and the ‘Asian Arnold’.” The bodybuilder is mostly known for his perfectly chiseled 8-pack abs which have made him Instagram famous with over 345,000 followers.

Hwang Chul-soon is a South Korean bodybuilder who’s been called the “Asian Arnold Schwarzenegger” and “Korean Hulk” — all for obvious reasons.

He’s won a number of bodybuilding and fitness competitions all over America, placing first in the 2014 Musclemania Universe and the 2012 Musclemania World Championship.

Thing is I am moving out of the south in a few months and when I do move to a new place I want to know just how the social life is like for Indian males there. Every dot-head that I've been with (three) has told me that Indian guys have small cocks and their breath usually stinks and they're too hairy. Of course, I went to college and all that and the chicks in college are, how do you guys put it on here? The other one was really dark), four dinks, three Indians, three Persians, four Arabs, countless Hispanics, a Spanish foreign exchange student who begged me to phukk her harder.....Basque, a Canadian, a Jew, and about a dozen white American chicks. oh wow, OUCH, I didn't know us Indian guys had it that bad, I wonder what areas most of these voters must live in but stats don't lie *prays for turnaround* Ah I see.In my experience it seems that Black and White guys have it the best with ladies from all backgrounds and Asian guys have it the worst.I hate to note this and bring skin into it but the lighter skin Indian males (I am dark skinned) tend to do better with the ladies than the darker skinned ones oddly enough.Other people complain that it is based on superficial factors like one’s photo and physical attributes.Hypothesis: Tinder is racist* *Fix: Tinder results are significant influenced by race (statistically significant Profile #1: King Booth King is relatively normal white guy who we consider good looking.Anyways this is just a poll, use personal experience if you must.