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Among Korean “pickup artists”, it’s not uncommon to lie, about where they went to school (Seoul National University) or where they work (Samsung) and what car they drive (Mercedes) to get the lay.Since most Korean guys wouldn’t keep seeing a girl who bangs them on the first night, the lying doesn’t much matter.

They are pretty, cute, sexy, loyal, clean, sweet, fun and have an innocence about life that is quite refreshing.She also happens to be very shy and on the conservative side, which is why I must post this question *seriously rolling my eyes*, so she doesn't approach men and she thinks they are too shy to approach her.So, where in NYC would she be able to find a Handsome, Korean Man that might be interested in dating an African-American woman?There is no such thing as “ultra super special Korean guy-to-girl gift”, except possibly on certain days. If it has an uber secret hidden message, he would probably tell you.Remember, girls are the ones who like to play detective games with clues and such.And when I say that, I mean that the bonus you get over the average guy for being attractive is so huge that an average guy will have to put in time and suffer flakes to pull a 7 (by Korean guy standards), while a good looking guy can have that girl call him up when she’s drunk to suggest they hit a love motel together. They loved to party and they rolled with Korean guys, and had status because of their work situation.