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As Shaya Ostrov says in his book, The Inner Circle,"I’m watching you, hearing you, paying attention to you.

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I bought my Blade R3 (serial number 90442) on payday, 26th September 1991. The ‘Levinson, Switzerland’ logos on them suggested otherwise, but in fact these markings, rather misleadingly, alluded only to the design, not the manufacture. In fact, International Musician magazine had voted the R4 Strat the best guitar they’d reviewed in 1988, and industry praise had continued in that vein ever since.

I’d always been interested in the Blade R3, but with RRPs of £750 and above, depending on the variant, there was a heck of a lot else you could buy instead.

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With degrees in applied and natural sciences, Levison approaches guitar building from an analytical standpoint, taking great pains to research the inherent resonant frequencies of woods, the tonal effect of hardware designs, electronics, and even the metaphysical aspects of a guitar. By 1990, the company had become one of the best-selling custom guitar lines in Europe.

Blades’ current line includes 13 guitars and three basses, all inspired by classic solidbody designs.

EBMM Steve Morse Y2D Deep Purple hardtail EBMM EVH Purple fader from 1992 Peavey Wolfgang Special Goldtop Peavey Wolfgang Special 'Frankenstein' custom paint job Peavey EXP Custom with piezo Levinson Blade Texas Deluxe Yamaha Classical Snot Green bass Japanese Squier from 1987 with SD Hot Rails Peter C, see Tony's post above. The only thing is - if it is a very high number (for instance, right now we are almost to G40000) you can be almost certain that it is not an older instrument.

The spec was high (encompassing premium woods, innovative hardware, and active electronics), the look was contemporary and attractive, and you got the sense that Fender were in for another major challenge.Invariably, ads for these slick, metal-honed behemoths would feature whichever spandex/headband-clad dude could currently pack the most notes into the space of a single second. Actually, it wasn’t quite as laughable as it sounds.Or, the cheaper option: a model – once again, wearing the obligatory spandex/headband combo. Admittedly, the guy did look like he’d be more at home auditing a high end furniture store than posing on the front of a catalogue with a guitar round his neck, but Levinson’s message that electric guitars could still feasibly be used by people who didn’t look like David St Hubbins, was refreshing. Gary E Levinson himself had directed the art for the catalogue, and the individuals in the photos were diverse.Both are double-cut bodies of Sen Ash, with bolt-on maple necks with ebony or maple fretboards, mirrored pickguards, humbucker/single/single pickup configurations with Blade’s Variable Spectrum Control (VSC) active preamps, and gold hardware.The Texas line is made up of Vintage, Deluxe, and Standard models, all with bodies of North American Alder, bolt-on maple necks with rosewood or maple fretboards, and vintage-style hardware in chrome or gold.(Chippenham) Tel:01249 446141, 01249 446141 email: [email protected] MBE Mail Boxes Etc (Bath) - 01225 458660 Alban Shipping. Payment direct to bank is also accepted, please contact the office for details. CARD PAYMENTS - IMPORTANT NOTICE Due to a recent rise in card fraud we are no longer able to accept payments by credit or debit cards for 'customer not present' transactions at the discretion of the auctioneers. RELEASE OF GOODS Payment and clearance should be made within 7 days after the sale.