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People erodating rubens

In 1820, while on a multi-year whaling hunt in the South Pacific, a sperm whale rammed the ship with its colossal head—twice. The crew scrambled to retrieve food, water and the navigational equipment essential for finding their way to land. The others drifted helplessly, carrying their desperate cargo; in Pollard’s boat, the men survived by shooting and eating one of their mates.
We are all used to having other languages spoken around us - Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese. These days it is really the language of exclusivity, of elite education, and of a rarefied intellectual status. There was an immediate desire to disappear behind a Roman vase forever. There is some type of initiation process, the successful completion of which is rewarded by entrance into the "club." These fraternities speak their own special language (which insiders defend as "terms of art") and confer status and power on initiates.

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Laughing at Sheldon's crazy quirks is fun so long as he's on TV, but not if you're dating him IRL.

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Maybe the comic book expert with the closetful of costumes for next month’s convention is a little much.

Surely, it is quite a difference from the lonely nights with Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, but a welcome change nonetheless. He’s a Smarty Pants Nerds usually are intelligent, can hold a good job and are overall self-sufficient.

Remember that girl in high school that was always carrying a book around?

Remember after graduation when she somehow got a smoking hot boyfriend?

No longer did she look geeky, but sexy and outgoing while still rocking those same old converse shoes?