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Technology has only heightened the access to and ability to watch sex, have sex with more people, pick sexual partners online, and have intimate relationships with people you've never met.I think the fact that the conversation hasn't gotten any broader or mainstream, plus that there's more stories to tell because of technology, just seemed rife for a series."RJ: "It's so personal, and I think it’s dangerous to declare anything as the road to female empowerment, period.There’s no voice on the other end of it, you don’t have to be in the same room with anybody, and it’s become kind of the standard in the way people treat each other on apps."RJ: "It’s sort of set up for you to feel that way. Although it’s bringing us closer and we’re connecting, it’s a virtual intimacy. ”RJ: "I think they should put a thing on dating apps, where, even if it's a form letter, you have to follow up. The first date codes, found for example on the Vacumatics, consists of two digits, the first one denoting the quarter of production, the second denoting the production year. Nearly all the Metropolitan Police staff records detail: Search Metropolitan police registers in MEPO 4/31-32, MEPO 4/361-477 and MEPO 4/352-477 if you have the officer’s warrant number.

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Have you or someone you know had to escape from an intruder?Surviving records of other police forces are held either by local archives or the relevant force. Police forces as we now understand them did not exist until the 19th century.Before that policing was carried out by locally employed watchmen, constables and magistrates.It was just, ‘Oh, I literally never thought about [doing things differently].’”RJ: "[Swiping] is dehumanizing.It literally takes the humanity out of the situation when you flip through and you have all these options. [Something that can show] sarcasm, earnestness, vulnerability, you know?I feel kind of sweaty when I'm trying to present myself on social media. And in doing that you learn who likes you and who doesn't — literally, based on who "Likes" you and who doesn't on your page. There was a study that showed that straight men are turned on by straight porn and gay men are turned on by gay porn. Animal sex, fantasies, gay sex, orgies, everything. So let us be complex and be turned on by all types of different things — not just male fantasies."Ronna Gradus: “I think the burning question was, ‘What makes people think that this behavior is okay?