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Esta vez el logro fue en Chile durante el concierto titulado Urban Kings.

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in hearing this they started calling gpa by his first name too.We tried and try to get them to say Gpa but they continue to call him by his first name to this day. :) Grandma Baa see my website legacy to my 'grands': 'who' is Grandma Baa?When my son was about 4 or 5 he had all the Thomas the Tank Engine toys and movies.One movie in particular was about a slow moving engine called Percy....It isn't a problem with us as much as it seems to be a problem with a famiy member so much as to her saying are being rude and disrespectful. My grandsons know that he is their "Grandpa" and the bond the boys have with him is precious and special. During a 5-year courtship with me taking the lead, as our affections for each other grew, my future husband and I began calling one another Bear and Lamb respectively, and, although neither of us can recall the origin of these ‘cutesie’ nicknames, they’ve remained our “pet” terms of endearment for almost 30 years.

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He told my grandmother "that train is just like you" with a little grin on his face....

so here it is 20 years later she is still called "Grandma Percy" This is what has happened early in my Grandsons life.

P., Gee Pee Grand-D Grando Grad Gradaddy Graddy Grady Granda Grandy Granite Grandoody Grandude Grindy Grindiddy G. Mellowman More Daddy Odie Napa Nemo Panda Papi Papster Papadaddy Pawser, Pawsey Pee Pa, Peepaw Peepers Pepe Pogo Popeo Pepo Peppy Podge Pompa Poppers Popples Poppo Po Po Puggles P-Pop Pop Z Puppa Puppaw Rocky Skipper Slick Umpa, Ump Ta-Pa Wampa Wompa, Wompaw P. Of course, we talk about more lighthearted subjects, too.

On a more serious note, I know there are hundreds of GPs (grandparents) today who have custody of their GC (grandchildren) and deal with the problem of those children wanting to call them "Mom and Dad" or "Mommy and Daddy," etc.