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Speckin in the examination of questioned Documents (1993-1995) · One year residency with Brunelle Forensic Laboratories in the identification and dating of inks (1995-1996) PUBLICATIONS Thirteen scientific papers and publications authored or co-authored including: 1)Obverse-Reverse Intersection of Lines, 1993 Midwestern Association of Forensic Scientists and 1996 American Society of Questioned Document Examiners 2)Chemical Removal of Magic Marker on Photocopied Documents, 1995 American Society of Questioned Document Examiners 3)A Private Examiner’s Response to Ink Age Determination, 1996 American Academy of Forensic Sciences 4)Interpretation of Data Obtained in Relative Ink Age Determination Testing, 1997 American Academy of Forensic Sciences 5)How Do Forensic Chemists Detect ‘Record Tampering’?

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I have also been retained by the Embassy of Uruguay, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Michigan Attorney Generals Office, Department of Natural Resources, The State Board of Canvassers, Health Care Fraud Division, Federal Defenders Offices, National Labor Relations Board as well as many local, county, state, and federal offices.

Other clients include General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Chrysler, Honda, Nations Bank, National Collegiate Athletic Association, National Basketball Association, National Hockey League Players Association, as well as many others.

I have performed examinations in over 2000 cases and presented sworn testimony in 33 states and five other countries on several levels over 200 times in total.

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