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Once we do, the compassion and empathy will ooze out of us. Yet, we still have to parent, offer structure and guidance. Teens are in a tough spot and it often makes them feel frustration and anger. They are trying on a variety of personalities to see which actually works and fits for them and are faced with a lot of opposition from authority. Teens are stuck in various environments, at home, school and religious affiliations, in which they spend most of their time. As children we get to discover the world around us in the way of our natural instinct and true personality directs. If we think about what are teens are going through, we may find that it's so obvious why they experience anger so often and so intensely. Teens know too much to think if they share their pain with you, that you would be qualified to help them. During teenage years, a child is becoming more independent and views most authority as oppressive—yes, cruel control of their individuality and expression.

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Secondly, the New York City factor always does very well. " I get to say New York City; whereas people in Ohio do not have that luxury. So when those two things are established, I sometimes get propositioned for sex.

In all fairness, his answer was warranted since the cameraman was on his property. This isn’t the first time Shia has exploded on camera.

The actor was caught on video engaging in a heated argument with his longtime girlfriend, Mia Goth, 22, on July 22 in Germany.

A string of mega-selling albums – Songs In A Minor (her debut, released when she was only 20, sold more than 12 million copies), The Diary of Alicia Keys, As I Am and The Element of Freedom – made her a worldwide superstar, yet she remained strangely ambiguous, never releasing any personal details about herself.

Alicia grew up an only child with her hard-working Irish-Italian mother Teresa Augello, who was an actress and legal secretary.