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Additionally, a minor 15 years of age or younger is deemed incapable of consenting to sex.

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If you or your children are experiencing domestic violence, you are not alone. The police,with your permission, can call the Victim Crisis Assistance and Referral Services (VCARS).

VCARS staff and volunteers can provide you with short-term assistance, such as emotional support, financial assistance through the Victim Quick Response Program and referral to community agencies.

See The Facts About Sexual Assault and Harassment for more information on those forms of violence against women. Since crime rates in Canada are falling, is violence against women still a serious problem? Isn't there less domestic violence now than in the past? Available: Shelters for Abused Women in Canada, 2014, Statistics Canada, Available at: Among those that have engaged in a dating relationship, 55% had their first dating relationship by the age of 12.Although dating violence occurs at any stage of life, most of the Canadian research published to date has focused on high school, college or university students (Wekerle , 2009)(Straus, 2004)(De Keseredy & Kelly, 1993).It’s why we help women who are in immediate danger by funding more than 455 women’s shelters across Canada. Although more up-to-date data would be preferable, no recent Statistics Canada survey has asked women about their life-time experience of violence. Function=get Survey&SDDS=3896&Item_Id=1712 Since publication, this report has been archived by Statistics Canada but the Canadian Women’s Foundation has a hard copy.We also help women to rebuild their lives after escaping violence, and fund counselling for children who have witnessed violence to help them heal and prevent them from becoming victims or abusers themselves. [4] Homicide in Canada, 2014, Statistics Canada, Table 6.If you are seeking information about services for women who have experienced violence, you can click here. Domestic violence is any use of physical or sexual force, actual or threatened, by your partner or ex-partner.