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Dating who should pay

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While most ladies agree that if he asked you on the date, he should clearly pay for it, some men . Yes, it's the chivalrous thing to do and as women, wanting to feel taken care of is part of our DNA.

But there are a few other factors that no one is really talking about that I must put out there for all to see. The Amount Of Time We Need To Get Ready Is No Joke Let's be real.

A 2014 Nerd Wallet study found that 77 percent of over 1,000 U. respondents expected men to pick up the check on a first date.

Most likely, they will continue to be—perhaps not forever, but certainly for the here and now. News flash: it’s not about the money, it’s about what the money signifies. It’s meant to set the tone—that this is and was a told Salon.

For example, if it’s dinner and an after-dinner cocktail for a second date, it’s great for the woman to pay for the cocktails at the second destination. Ultimately, paying the bill on a date shows It’s a gesture to let someone know you’re interested in them and appreciate them. A date should feel like a treat and it doesn’t when it becomes an accounting transaction.”I have to agree based on my own experience.

Well, Valentine's Day came and went and it was pretty uneventful for some.

My friend Rebecca (not her real name to protect her from the shame) had the worst Valentine's Day ever.

Here are three reasons why men should ALWAYS pay for dinner. Chances are you either took a quick shower, ran some product through your hair, threw on some clothes and BAM, you're ready.

Or you may have even come straight from work and showed up in whatever you put on in the morning.