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More → I started reading Harry Potter when I was seven years old and had never seen The Great British Bake Off, Peep Show, or The IT Crowd.I was an American who didn’t know what a “lift” or a “boot” was and had never heard the...In any previous installment, a skirmish with mere mortals wouldn’t have been much of a contest, but Logan’s razory knuckle-blades no longer pop with the same alacrity, and though bullets don’t kill him, he doesn’t quite bounce back from them either.(Later that night, he has to force them out of his chest.) Is Wolverine growing old? After all these years, his admantium enhancements are poisoning him, a process that can be delayed with the right serum but not reversed.

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(The beard looks like a virus that’s going around, as if Jackman were warming up to play Mel Gibson.) Optics aside, it’s Logan’s mutant prowess that’s really been tamped down.

Dramas are typically aired at the rate of two episodes a week, on back-to-back nights, although there are also weekly and daily series.

If you hate characters whose personalities change depending on who wrote the episode this week, not to mention storylines forever unfinished due to abrupt cancellation, you’ll find a lot to like about this model.

Then again, it would be understandable if he were also feeling a touch of “X-Men” fatigue.

As a movie, “Logan” takes a cue from its hero’s slowed-down metabolism of invincibility.