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we are actually worried about criminals that brutally murder productive members of society feeling pain and dying humanely, a liberty that was denied to their victims.

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“It left us the option to extend the afternoon to the evening or cut it short.Luckily, we got along so well we spent all day together, including dinner in a local pub.” Heaton Park really does have lots on offer, from a varied events programme to a bowls pavilion and a championship golf course in case you’d like to challenge your date to a round.

And where better than a bustling park on a hot day?

Dating isn’t quite the same as it was in Jane Austen’s time.

These days you don’t need sideburns, corsets or chaperones to re-create a little Regency-era romance, you just need a ticket to Chatsworth House.

I had the bubbles ready…” The vast remains of the 19th century mansion make for a beautiful outdoor date, even without the picnic and Champagne.

The huge stone fountains are still standing, including the restored Perseus and Andromeda fountain which fires on the hour, every hour from 11am to 4pm on the weekends, and once described as making the ‘noise of an express train’.