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(Must attend or test out online): A basic awareness and knowledge session that prepares participants for the five advanced sessions. (Eds.), Developing social justice allies: New directions in student services, 110, 43-54. This new Safe Zone streamlines the process of becoming a member while maintain a training commitment that is steeped in best practices and contemporary education.

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" He seemed to know that if I said yes to a Saturday night date, it would be significant. Plus, doesn't Saturday night date night just seem like the territory of established couples?

It's so intimidating for the early stages of getting to know somebody.

This is a bar guide, based on about four years of partying in Osaka, for the Minami area (Namba, Shinsaibashi, Amemura, Soemoncho, Yotsubashi, Horie, etc.).

I chose to focus on Minami because it’s the place I know best, and it’s really the best place to go out for a night out in Osaka (in my opinion).

Although customers often come in groups, you can easily walk in by yourself and meet plenty of new people.

There are pool tables and darts, which can make it seem more like a campus bar on quiet days.

This may sound cheesy, but take advantage of the summer and have a small picnic at your local park, but do it when the sun goes down.

This way, you can take the Monday blues away by having an evening outdoor romp. This may sound cheesy, but take advantage of the summer and have a small picnic at your local park, but do it when the sun goes down.

Recently a guy I've been out with a couple times asked me this: "Am I cool enough to get a Saturday night so soon or am I still in weekday territory? I think it's because weekends are when I prioritize spending time with my friends and family, or doing special, fun activities. Or getting drunk at brunch.) Giving that up to spend time with a guy seems like a bigger deal than giving up my Tuesday night habit of doing absolutely nothing while eating a microwave dinner.A weeknight is good for first dates because a Saturday date is too laden with formality and expectations. That one can be dinner or something more involved…and not a movie! Take this in stride because it happens often enough.A first date is merely a chance to see if there is enough mutual attraction for a potential second date. If you do, your membership card to Club Charisma is instantly revoked. If it’s a weekday date after work, you should dress reasonably well. Standing out with good clothes is a serious hallmark of a confident man. Once the kiss is done, hit that second venue and don’t speak of the kiss again until the end of the date. Dates are about the time spent together, not the activity you might be doing. Despite the kiss ( or even the seduction), despite your perceived attraction from her, it’s her decision to bail on the second date.No matter what her age, there’s at least a 50% chance she will flake. The worst flake is when she simply doesn’t show up with no notice at all. If you have a casual work environment, think seriously about changing beforehand. As you’re meeting in a public place, arriving early is not a problem because it gives you time to observe other people in a social environment, that’s a learning opportunity. If your date is obviously not going well – for whatever reason – that phone call will save you without an awkward way out. As you’re a smart online dater (link below), your profile contained honest and realistic photos. Going for the kiss is a bold and confident maneuver. You’re giving the impression that such kissing is perfectly normal to you… I’m going to bow out of the seduction potential at the end of the date. It’s also your decision to do the same and pursue your other options. When a woman states that you’re not the one, you’re done. If you don’t like it, you’re not ready for Dating 2.0.A good flake will involve a counter offer via voice or text. Tell her you’ll call her another time (you won’t) or ignore the text. Arriving just a few minutes late is also an option because it signals to her that you have a full and busy life. “Oh crap, I have an emergency I have to deal with, I am so sorry.” It’s a nice excuse and protects feelings. Your date, however, may have very well posted much older photos or even photoshopped photos. If you’ve bounced to a new venue, a second date is almost guaranteed. In fact, at our age, it’s rather unseemly and pushy. To secure it, take her firmly in your arms and go for the kiss. That’s not my style (as my first dates will attest) because I’m over a certain age. But remember that while women are the gatekeepers to sexuality, men are the gatekeepers to commitment.May Wong (1905 -1961) was the first Asian American actress to become an international star, with a career spanning both silent and sound films, TV, stage and radio.