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Usually your life story, more often than not your past relationships, especially the ones you apparently aren’t really over, your likes, your dislikes, even (gasp) your bodily functions that don’t function properly and anything else you can over-share. But, many of us are compelled to share every single thing we’re doing and who we’re doing it with online. Reality TV allows you to see people’s lives being played out in front of your eyes. Well, more often than not you never get that next date, you might even be ghosted and never hear from them again. Oversharing – The Ultimate Dating Fail In the digital age, we are bombarded with information, some we want, some we don’t want.For your chance to win a double date at Wringer & Mangle.Enter your details below before 30th December 2015. Zebrano Restaurant features some of the finest of modern European cuisine infused with a hint of Asian influence, offering a superb variety of dishes to satisfy all tastes.For your chance to win a date at Zebrano Restaurant.Does this sound familiar: you’re on a date with someone new and you open your mouth and it ALL comes out, and by all I mean EVERYTHING … We typically overshare because we’re either nervous or we feel a little too comfortable with the person we’re with.

It may seem difficult to get through the alpha's soft spot when she appears to have a hard outer shell.

She's bossy, she's dominant, she's cold and she's threatening, so don't even bother.

If the alpha female has scared you off before, you're not alone.

If you ask the experts they would say that “oversharing often happens when we are trying subconsciously to control our own anxiety.

This effort is known as “self-regulation” and here is how it works: When having a conversation, we can use up a lot of mental energy trying to manage the other person’s impression of us. Essentially, you need to decide if this person you’re speaking with needs to know this information or even if it’s going to benefit your interaction in any way.