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The difference between acronyms and shorthand is that with acronyms, (for example, 'ESP' is an initialism for 'extra sensory perception' whereas 'esp. The online practice is to refer to shorthand, initialisms, or abbreviations as acronyms.
A wristwatch is designed to be worn around the wrist, attached by a watch strap or other type of bracelet.

Deepika padukone dating siddharth mallya latest news on rob pattinson and kristen stewart dating

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The task of selecting the “Most Beautiful Queen” out of all these stunners is a daunting job. have been created to appoint one woman as the “Queen Of Beauty”.Out of the hundreds of beautiful Bollywood actresses, one name has been consistently dubbed as the “Most Beautiful Actress Of All Time”. She’s just so real and perfect in every sense, so for me she really is the most beautiful.Son of liquor baron Vijay Mallya, Sid was in a relationship with Deepika for a while in 2011.

Her father’s name is Nishit, a Gujarati and her mother’s name is Faridah, who is half Maharashtrian and half Caucasian British.In a happy professional scenario that she is currently enjoying with a line up of projects round the corner, she is also (unnecessarily) forced to spend her time and energy in response to insinuations that she could well be dating Siddharth Mallya. You know, all of this has become way too predictable, Deepika forces a smile here, Every fortnight there is one link up or another. Dont they get furious when stories about her daughter fill tabloids for all the wrong reasons when instead she should have been in news for the plethora of work that she currently had in hand.For the uninitiated, Siddharth is the son of liquor baron Vijay Mallya who is also the owner of Royal Challengers Bangalore, an IPL team for which Deepika Padukone is the Brand Ambassador. Today, even if I go out with my cousin brother, I am sure to see a headline next morning with announcement of yet another new relationship of mine. I think even my parents have really given up now, she sighs, There is absolutely nothing for my parents as well to react at all. All they want now is to read about the work that I am doing and this is what they expect from people as well.And it's not Deepika who has revealed it and it's not Ranveer Singh.It is her ex-boyfriend Siddharth Mallya admitting to his relationship with her.The wealthy heir spoke with a leading daily and said, ""Yes, we were dating, and I’m still in touch with Deepika.