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Ambivalent About this Series I played Revelations: Persona when it first came out in 1996.

I didn’t enjoy it that much; it was far too obtuse and clunky though I enjoyed the concept of collecting monsters for use in combat and wished it had been better implemented.

Aside from the story expansion with the 8th Day scenarios, the Demon Compendium makes a return in Overclocked, allowing the player to register and resummon his own customised demons rather than continuously repurchase them from auctions.

Over 20 new demons have also been added to the game, including several powerful demons of races like Fairy and Beast to give the player a suitably high-leveled demon from those races to feasibly use in the endgame and 8th Days.

More skills are also implemented, including a larger variety of Physical skills to encourage use of strength-oriented playable characters.

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The port features enhanced art, voice acting for almost every piece of dialogue, new demons and an extended story (8th Day).Even basic enemies can exploit your party’s weaknesses and instantly wipe you out without warning.These games take unfairness to incredible heights, having learned well from the days of Wizardry and Bard’s Tale about screwing over the player and still making them like it.Or to, you know, deal with all of the inhuman monstrosities crawling all over the city. Food is so scarce that he's licking tomato soup off the ground. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor stroked the dark side of our imaginations, and made us question our morality when thrust into an apocalyptic setting. Fast-becoming the RPG titan of Japan, Atlus continues to release new IPs and iterations for their many franchises.From start to finish, Devil Survivor tested our ability to calculate three turns ahead with varied teams.