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Display problems after updating windows

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Mouse won’t work in lower-resolution fullscreen applications. The restart button is working fine, but after I click the shutdown button, it says Shutting Down and after that, I have a black screen but my PC is still on.…With CU, when choosing that parent folder, only one pic is displayed on background and it never changes.

I always see a cursor before the application is launched and can actually move it for first 1-2 seconds and then it stops responding. With CU, I seem to have to pick a child folder and only pics from that folder are displayed – they do change through that folder.

Start Windows device manager (On Windows 8.1, press X and select Device Manager from the menu).

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If the installation is stuck, you should try shutting down your device completely.Also see all graphics card reviews and display reviews.A reader wrote in to PC Advisor to ask: Here's how we solved their problem. The driver installation should have created a system restore point, so try doing a System Restore to before you installed the driver. Alternatively, Windows includes an option to ‘Roll back’ device drivers to the previously installed version.You follow steps below to update the driver manually step by step. Open Control Panel by typing control panel in search box and clicking Control Panel on the pop-up menu. To update all drivers, you just need to click your mouse two times. Select the driver you want to install, click OK, and then click Install updates.You can force your computer to shutdown by holding down the power button for about 10 seconds or until it shuts down, and then unplug the power cord.