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People company policy on dating in the workplace

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"I designed it for career-oriented, busy, professional women," Amanda Bradford says as she looks down at a device in her palm.

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There are several types of unavailability – both temporary and chronic. Do you think you’re so independent you don’t need anyone? Do you fear falling in love because you may get hurt? If you answered yes to some of these questions, counseling can help you heal in order to to risk getting close.Some people have always been unavailable due to mental illness and/or a troubled childhood. Seducers avoid authenticity because they don’t believe they’re enough to keep a partner. If you’re involved with someone emotionally unavailable, pressuring him or her to be more intimate is counterproductive.Some use anger, criticism, or activities to create distance.You end up feeling alone, depressed, unimportant, or rejected.Emotional availability in a relationship can sometimes seem as elusive as the Holy Grail.

According to a recent study from the Journal of Men's Health, divorced men are more susceptible to heart disease, high blood pressure, and strokes than married men are — in addition to being 39 percent more likely to commit suicide and engage in risky behavior.Any person who desires closeness is going to run into three major obstacles to finding a soulmate.Our modern world of dating is full of emotionally unavailable partners.Even with multiple degrees and a successful career, he found himself lost in the process of his divorce."I made the marriage the be all and end all, and when I saw that crumbling, I felt like my identity was crumbling."So what do you do?In order to rebuild confidence post-divorce, Denbaum suggests getting involved in a new activity or organization."One really powerful thing for me was joining a non-profit group called the Mankind Project," he said.